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Spam Monitor 4.0

Automatically detecting spam email as it arrives in your Inbox
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Spam Monitor, empowered with the latest anti-spam techonology, detects and deletes junk mails from your mailbox. Very easy to use, this program will help you get rid of spam mails quickly. Once the tool is downloaded, an icon will appear from where you can make the program run at your best preference. Double-click on the icon and a screen will be displayed. On its left you have four important options. The first one, Status, gives you three actions to select from, the spam protection may be ON or OFF, this means that if it is on, you have real time spam filtering, but with one click you can switch it off, though this is not recommended. The second action allows to manage the address lists and Ip addresses, here you can configure Spam Monitor to Block or allow a list of addresses. All you have to do is import the addresses yourself and they will not be considered as spam by the program, unless you decide to block them. Thirdly, by improving spam detection, you can train the program to work with mails from the mailbox of your choice, where you currently receive and send emails. The best option is train it to work with spam and clean mails, but that is up to you. Continuing in the same screen, Status, you can see the System Status, where additional information is displayed. In the Advanced option, Spam Monitor enables you to Blacklist countries, that is to say, emails received from some countries are usually spam, so if you mark these countries, the spam filter will automatically forbid their entrance to your mailbox. In this option you can see the White listed ISPs, manage the database and more. When clicking on the Settings button, you will be able to arrange the general settings to customize and configure them, choose a language and scheduler options. You can also control the port numbers, the IP addresses allowed to connect, and change the spam subject, so that you can easily distinguish it from clean mails. So forget about receiving unwanted mails, and spend precious time deleting them or deciding whether they are spam or not, Spam Monitor will do it for you. Download the trial version first and see for yourself how important and useful this tool is.

Jorge Migel
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  • Lets users choose the addresses list, few steps to configure the program, real time filter


  • Some utilities can only be used and proved in the purchased version, it only works with mails entering Outlook, not available for Mac
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